My projects

  1. EHTML (or Extended HTML) can be described as a set of custom elements that you can put on HTML page for different purposes and use cases. The main idea and goal of this library is to provide a convinient way to get rid of all your JavaScript code on the client side.

  2. Page can be described as a base for any applications on top of it with server and client in Node.js. It provides a lot of features and common scenarios for using web. It's completely based on the Async Tree Pattern that allows you to customize Page in any way you want, you can even throw it away and build other base core for your application.

  3. Cutie is a lightweight open source library for Node.js that implements Async Tree Pattern. It allows you to write asynchronous code in declarative style without callbacks, Promises, and async/await abstractions.

  4. Test executor runs asynchronously specified scripts with tests on Node.js. It's based on Async Tree Pattern.

  5. Set of Cutie extensions for different modules in Node.js and some objects in JavaScript.


  6. Set of libraries for Page framework. All of them are based on Async Tree Pattern.


  7. My blog. Based on Page.