About me

3 March 2019 (last update)

I'm Guseyn Ismayylov, a programmer, active open source contributor, researcher, blogger, startupper, and just interesting person.

As a programmer and active open source contributor, I write in Java and JavaScript (Vanilla JS + Node.js). I consider myself as a designer in software engineering, so I care about quality, transparency, and maintainability of projects I work on. That's why I prefer pure object-oriented paradigm and declarative style of code. I care about the people who work with the code I write, so I try to cover every line of it with unit tests and write apprehensive documentation. You can check my open source projects to make sure.

As a researcher, I try to find or invent my own techniques to solve problems in designing code, providing pipelines for projects and many other things. I'm the author of Async Tree Pattern and it's implementation that can help you to write asynchronous code in Node.js without callbacks, Promises and async/await abstractions. I've created Node.js web framework Page that's completely written in pure object-oriented style. Also, you might find it interesting to read my article about Travis CI configuration which I use for deploying and releasing npm packages in repositories with restricted master branch.

As a blogger, I try to write useful and unique articles that can increase your vast knowledge and make you reconsider something that you have for granted in programming and IT industry in the whole. Also, you can check my tech talk about declarative Node. I'm planning to make more tech talks in the future (preferably in English).

As a good startupper, I have a couple of failed projects. And I am ready to fail further.

As an interesting person, I like playing chess (you can challenge me on liches). Also, I like music and making covers of popular songs on guitar and ukelele. Here is some of them.

I am available for hiring, here is my resume, GitHub, and StackOverflow.

If you want to stay tuned with new materials on this blog, you can join this telegram channel.

Also, you can follow me on Instagram and contact me via Telegram and email.