Declarative Unit Testing

1 May 2018

It's amazing how easy and joyful unit testing can be if you write code in declarative style. I've just released my new library cutie-assert. It is a cutie extension for assert module in Node. In this article, I want to show you the real power of this library.


Declarative Events

5 April 2018

There is another abstraction in Node that must be considered. And this is the events.


Async Objects instead of Async Calls

26 January 2018

No secret, OOP in JS is not perfect. At least it's not so mature as it's in Java, for example. And actually I don't see that anybody from the JavaScript world would use this paradigm as the main concept for their applications. In the modern software development the ideas of the object-oriented programming (as itself) are becoming less and less popular and giving way to the ideas of functional programming. But I think we should not give up such a powerful and wonderful tool/mechanism that can simplify our complex systems. In this article, I'll try to introduce the idea of async objects and show how they can help us to get rid of the main problem in asyncronious enviroment… Of course, I am talking about callbacks.


Drag&Drop and Drag&Resize in Pure JS style

20 December 2017

Although there are a lot of libraries doing such simple things like drag&drop and drag&resize, sometimes we need to do specific functional interfaces where it's important to understand how these things really work. If you are begginer in js or just curious programmer, this article would be very useful for you (you will learn some tricks in event driven js system and how it works in the whole).


No More Hackathons, Please

2 November 2017

There are a lot of articles you can find about good and bad sides of hackathons on the internet. But most of them, I think, miss one main point: it's just time wasting.