EHTML: Front End Development Can and Must Be Simple

19 November 2019

Every moment a new JavaScript framework borns here and there, and all of them claim that they are better than other ones for different irrelevant and stupid reasons. The main problem with all those frameworks is JavaScript. And I like this language very much, but it's painful to maintain. Mostly because it's difficult(or even impossible) to make it completely declarative on the client side. On the other hand, HTML is a completely declarative language, it's easy to read and modify. So, why don't we try to replace JavaScript with HTML where it's possible (or just everywhere).

I am glad to inroduce my new library EHTML which can help you to reduce complexity in your web applications by throwing away a lot of JavaScript code. Just imagine that you can fetch JSON data and map it to HTML, send and validate forms, make routing and navigations with turbolinks, integrate google sign-in into your app just by using HTML. It's fascinating, isn't?

EHTML is just a set of custom elements that you can put on HTML page for different purposes and use cases. At the moment, it does not have a lot of features as it's just first version. But the idea and philosophy behind this library is very appealing to me because I can build simple things with it so easily that no other library can do.

So, check it out, you might find it very useful and interesting.