Guseyn Ismayylov
Birth: 19 March, 1994
Phone: 8 (903) 383 15 36
Telegram: @guseyn
I'm full stack (predominantly backend) developer from Saratov, Russia with more than 5 years in software engineering.
Work Experience
2016 Dec - 2019 Feb. Grid Dynamics. I was developing microservices from scratch and maintaining big enterprise solutions for financial and management tools. More information about these projects you can find here (Accomplishments section).
Stack: Java, Spring, Spring boot, Angular.js, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Maven, Mockito, Node, Docker, Flyway, GCP.
2019 March - Present. USMobile. Responsible for technical solutions and roadmap of replatforming from standard technical stack to Google Cloud Platform. Also implemented the whole automation of processing reports from third-party sources, which is completely based on GCP services.
Stack: Java, Spring Boot, Groovy, Javascript, NodeJS, Git, Jenkins, DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud + Kubernetes Engine + DataFlow + Functions + PubSub + BigQuery + CloudSQL + Google Drive Api + Google Storage, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Firebase, REST, Public APIs, Message Driven Architecture, Microservices, Centralized Logging, Monitoring.
Open Source Projects
EHTML: HTML Framework that allows you not to write JavaScript code
Page: web framework for Node.js
Cutie: lightweight open source library for Node.js that implements Async Tree Pattern
Test executor: runs asynchronously specified scripts with tests on Node.js
Declarative Node (8 Feb 2019)
Applied Mathematics and Computer Science: Saratov State University, 2012 - 2016
Bachelor's Thesis: Cost Minimization of Energy on the Control of Satellite's Angular Motion (in Russian)
Rest of Life
I play guitar and ukulele, watch good movies, read useful books, learn chess, do sport activities (football, running), and travel a bit.